GRO-BARK Soils and Soil Amendments have been developed using their many years of experience – both in producing potting mixes for professional nurserymen and in the identifying, sourcing and processing of the right raw materials.




GRO-MAX Premium Garden Soil

  • Simply the best!
  • Formulated for maximal root growth
  • Blend of compost, aged bark, peat, sand
  • High organic matter
  • Balance pH, water holding capacity and air porosity

GRO-TURF Premium 

  • Premium top dressing product
  • Less than 3/8″ fine organics
  • Attacks thatch
  • Encourages grow-in
  • Benefits turf layer and root zone
  • Can be applied with or without seed in top dressing program

 Screened Topsoil 

  • Economical
  • Readily Available
  • Compacts well for grading applications